Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Really Glad the Vehicle Repairs Were Yesterday

When I woke up this morning, Lisa said, "Don't bother hurrying to get going. They haven't cleared the sidewalks yet." Going to our window, which has a lovely view of the Sierra Nevada and the downtown Reno casinos, I could see that several inches of snow fell last night. The tops of the downtown casinos were lost in the low clouds hanging over the city. I turned on the computer and worked on getting sort of caught up on e-mail.

Lisa, reading what I wrote about her attitude toward coinless slot machines, pointed out that at least one place realizes that the sound of coins falling into the bucket was part of the proper casino atmosphere even if they can't tear themselves away from the flood of ticket-vending machines taking over the industry. That's why some of their machines have been programmed so that their "winner" sound effect is a (weak) simulation of the sound coins make falling into the coin tray.

Looking up from my computer, I saw that the clouds have cleared. The sun has come out, and it's very pretty out there now. I suppose I should get myself together so we can go get breakfast. But not in the restaurant in this hotel, which doesn't look that good. I reckon we'll walk downtown again, although if it looks too bad, we'll just go to the Denny's around the corner.
Tags: reno, travel

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