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It was bright and sunny this morning, and we did go ahead and walk downtown again for breakfast. The wind was blowing, though, and it cuts right through you. After another large breakfast (urp), more walking was called for. First we explored some of the casinos along Virginia Street that we hadn't looked at yesterday. We went inside the Cal-Neva, which was where I used to always come to play blackjack upstairs when I would visit Reno relatively regularly when I was in college. We were sidetracked by finding a few pinball machines that did not seem to be as broken-down as most pinball machines are. After that, we looked around the Cal-Neva. Lisa found one of the few video poker machines that still accepted coins and asked me for any nickles I might have. I gave her the two in my pocket. She put one in the machine and and got 3 of a Kind, and handed me back four nickles, saying, "Okay, that's enough."

We headed back toward our hotel, but kept walking past it to a surplus store that Lisa has had her eye on for a couple of days. We were grateful to get inside out of the biting wind. We looked around for a while here as well. Lisa found some odds and ends, in particular some straps and clips to replace the worn-out seat belt for Kuma Bear in the pickup.

The surplus store has a Store Cat, a large, fluffy, talkative, and more or less friendly orange cat, who came up and introduced itself to me while Lisa was evaluating the relative merits of different kinds of nylon straps. I petted the cat for a while, but had to try and disengage when it decided that I would be good for climbing and put its claws out for this purpose. Then Lisa and I went outside again to the store's bargain lot. Walking around there, I heard an insistent mewing, and there was Store Cat again, deciding that I was its new friend. We hadn't seen it come through the door with us. Maybe there is a separate cat door we don't know about. It followed us around the lot, although it seemed unhappy about walking through the melting slush. That's fair enough; we weren't too thrilled with it ourselves. It followed us back inside, but one of the store staff shooed it back out again. So much for my new friend. And I didn't even have any food with me.

We walked back to the hotel, picking up some soda and a bit of milk before retreating to the warmth of our hotel room. We watched ominous black clouds loom to the west. More snow tonight, I reckon, although most of last night's snow had melted or been plowed away by late afternoon. I reminded Lisa that while she'd bought the replacement for Kuma's seat belt, if she wanted to install it, it would be better to do it now while it was not actually raining or snowing. She agreed and we headed out to the truck. The wind had picked up and become colder, and there were bits of snow and rain spitting now and then. I buttoned up as much as I could, and stood on the lee side of her truck while she worked on things. After that was done, I held the pickup's hood open while she refilled the windshield washer reservoir. (The wind was such that she wanted me holding it so the wind wouldn't blow the hood up or down and damage it -- or her!) After that, we rushed back inside to warm up again.

Still, we managed to log a good deal of exercise today -- somewhere between 6 and 11 km depending on which of my two pedometers can be believed. (Amazing what a difference the two register -- and it's not consistent in any way. Sometimes one will read higher than the other, and sometimes they'll both be almost the same.)

The forecast for tomorrow is more snow. Fortunately, the pickup is 4WD and has snow tires, so we shouldn't have to chain up to get to Tahoe unless things get really bad. Normally, if conditions get that bad, they'll just close the road. And if that happens, the buses carrying most of our people in from Reno Airport won't be getting through anyway, so I won't worry about missing anything on Monday evening. Formal meetings don't start until Tuesday morning in any event.
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