Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Snow City

Last night, Lisa and I were playing a game of Australian Rails in the hotel room. Because of the layout of the room, my back was to the window and she was looking out it. Partway through the game, she pointed out that it was starting to snow. And snow it did. At one point, it started snowing so heavily that downtown Reno's major casinos, about a mile away from us, disappeared in the mist. This morning we awoke to see several inches of snow on the ground and snow still falling. According to the Nevada Road Conditions web site, chains or snow tires are required all the way from here to South Lake Tahoe. Lisa's plan is for us to get packed up and go to Carson City for breakfast, so I need to get shut down here and pack.
Tags: lisa, travel

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