Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

A Three Hour Tour

Part of yesterday's activities following the long meeting was a dinner cruise on Lake Tahoe. As the day's meetings ended, a headcount determined that not all of the people attending the meeting would be going on the cruise. They therefore invited supernumeraries like Lisa to come along since the spots on the boat were already paid for. I had previously put Lisa on alert (and determined that she was interested in going), so she was ready to go on short notice. At 4:30, those of us who were going dutifully loaded onto a bus that took us down to Zephyr Cove, where we boarded a small dinner-cruise ship.

Thank goodness the weather cooperated. If it had been like it was on Tuesday or how it is supposed to be today, we would have just stayed tied up at the dock, but as it was, the weather was relatively clear, and we puttered out onto the lake, with many of us going up on the outside upper deck to watch the sunset. Lisa and I took advantage of the open bar to get hot cider and hot chocolate. As the sun set, word came that we should take our seats for dinner, so we headed below and inside and availed ourselves of the buffet.

It was a pleasant little trip. Heading back, some of us went outside for short periods again, where a clear sky showed lots of stars above and the lights of Tahoe ahead of us.

Everything went uneventfully, and we were back in the hotel before 8 PM. After warming back up, Lisa and I walked down to Raley's again for the exercise and to get some small supplies.

Now it's back to all day meetings for me.
Tags: lisa, menlo, tahoe, travel

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