Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Keno Bear

During the day, when Lisa has been around the hotel room playing games on her computer, reading, and so forth, she has left the hotel's keno drawing running on the TV, partially because she likes the music playing under it and partially to keep Kuma Bear occupied. Before going to bed tonight, she took a picture of him with the keno drawings that she says have been fascinating him all week.

Lisa got dressed up nicely when I gone done with work this evening and we went out to dinner at the buffet at the top of Harrah's across the street. (We had looked at "19," the top-floor restaurant in Harvey's, but Lisa didn't see anything on their expensive menu that she fancied. The two hotels are connected by a tunnel under the street, doubling our opportunities for walking and dining without having to go outside.) We had a nice view of the casino district vanishing under a cloud of snow.

After dinner, we stopped and bought a multi-game keno ticket for Kuma. (As Lisa points out to me, Kuma isn't old enough to gamble, but we bought the ticket for him and took it back to the hotel room.) Unfortunately, the ticket didn't win, and hardly caught any numbers at all. Maybe he's Anti-Keno Bear?
Tags: kuma bear, lisa, tahoe
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