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In The Airport

Reno Airport has free wi-fi, hooray! Especially because I will be here for the next four hours. Lisa decided it would be best to get on the road while the sun was (sort of) shining, so she put me on the airport shuttle a little after noon, with my plan to be to try and get on the earlier Oakland flight (my scheduled flight is at 6:35). Just as we were loading my bags on the shuttle, she announced that she is so sick of cold and wet that instead of going back to Oregon, she is going south for a few days and will call me later, maybe from Las Vegas. Go figure.

Anyway, when I got to the airport, I found that there were no seats at all under any circumstances, even "same day standby" on the 2:15 flight. Worse, they wouldn't let me check my bags for the 6:25 flight because like lots of airlines, they won't let you check in earlier than four hours. So I was stuck groundside and remain here for at least another half-hour.

I wandered down to the concourse, where I proceeded to lose $18 in a slot machine only to watch the next person after me to pull the lever win $100. Phooey! Then I bought a coffee and, feeling sufficiently justified in sitting at one of the tables in the food court, fired up the computer to see if there was connectivity, and lo and behold, there was.

In a little while, once I can check my bag, I reckon I'll go airside and see if one of the bars is showing the Super Bowl. Presumably I can buy enough stuff to keep them from kicking me out.
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