Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee


I spent ten days in Reno-Tahoe, surrounded by hundreds of people, many smoking heavily, and spent three of those days cooped up in meeting rooms with 40 co-workers for up to ten hours each day. Despite my hand-washing, sanitizer-solution attempts to avoid it, I appear to have come down with a cold. Fortunately I can work from home, because the client isn't terribly interested in my personal problems and is grumpy because things were delayed another week due to our internal meeting in Tahoe.

Speaking of which: Lisa reports from Tonopah that the mechanic that AAA recommended (and to which they towed the truck) hadn't even looked at it at close of business yesterday. Fingers crossed that they do so today and that it turns out to be the relatively simple fix that Lisa thinks it may be. Fortunately for her, she can walk from the hotel to the mechanic's shop, although it's very cold there and not much fun. She says the hotel isn't too bad, however, and not excessively expensive. And the slot machines still use coins, which pleases her. But being stuck in Tonopah was not exactly in her plans when she headed south looking for warmer weather.
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