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Kicking into Low Gear

Despite getting in to the hotel fairly early last night, we diddled and dawdled on various things. We took the sign on the restaurant next door ("24 Hour Family Restaurant") at face value, so imagine our surprise at 10:15 PM when we walked over and found that they had closed fifteen minutes earlier. One of the other restaurants clustering on this area (three large truck stops face the same corner) was open, so we walked over and had breakfast-for-dinner there. We didn't get to sleep until after Midnight, and got up late as well. We'll be under way in a little while, once we get packed back up again. Fortunately, we have no deadlines or appointments to keep, and the weather forecast all the way to Mehama is for clear skies. Looks like a lovely day to be on the road. A pity the Yreka Western isn't running in the winter, or else we might have made plans to spend the night there last night (despite the lack of a Holiday Inn-chain hotel) and ride the train today.
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