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That'll Teach Me a Lesson

Usually, when I book a hotel room through a web form, I print the confirmation page. For whatever reason, I did not do so for SMOFCon and the Red Lion Portland Convention Center. Unfortunately, when I got here, they told me there was no reservation in my name, and the reservation number I gave them "wasn't one of theirs."

The desk clerk said, "There are several Red Lion hotels in Portland; maybe you're booked into one of them."

I said, "I know there are lots of Red Lions, but this in the only one hosting the SMOFCon connrunning conference."

They found nothing, and the Con Suite wasn't open yet, so I decided to sit down in the hotel lobby and wait for someone from the con to turn up. Fortunately, I hadn't waited long when Patty Wells arrived. After having to deal with the OryCon problems, this one was easy. Eventually they found that my reservation was off by one day -- I had it arriving yesterday and leaving Sunday, instead of arriving today and leaving Monday. I could well have made that error at booking time, but not having a printed copy, I don't know one way or another. Because I didn't arrive yesterday, I "no-showed," and they cancelled my reservation. The person from the hotel reset my room reservation and said I wouldn't be charged for the no-show. I hope that's the case.

As I mentioned in a previous comment, the room I'm in runs cold. The hotel warned me about this, but I went ahead and accepted a second-floor room rather than have to wait for something else to become available elsewhere. And if I feel slightly cold, other people are likely going to consider it icebox-like. I hope it's not too bad for Lisa!

Now I need to go get a small snack, as Lisa will be here in about 90 minutes or so, when we should get lunch.

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