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Worse Places to Lay Over

While we did not intend to spend the night here in Roseburg, it's a nice enough hotel, and the upgrade was nice, too. (I only recently made Gold status in Priority Club, and my experience with these affinity programs has been that there always seem to be more people with higher status than me ahead of me in the queue, so I figure all of the real perks are going to the Platinum or Uranium or whatever-class members.) The Holiday Inn Express Roseburg is a four-story hotel, in the shape of a shallow V, with all rooms facing the river. It looks like the rooms at the point of the V are suites (probably in order to fit them into the irregular shape), and they put us in the suite on the top floor, so probably this is the best room in the hotel. Okay, it's not the Presidential Suite at the San Francisco Parc 55 (where I slept one night at ConFrancisco), but it's still pretty nice. There's a balcony looking out on the river, although it was a bit too chilly this morning to dawdle out there over morning coffee as I wanted to do.

Lisa didn't like the bed because she said every time one moved, the bed squeaked. She ended up sleeping on the sofa because she can't sleep on a talking bed. Still, she otherwise gave the room a decent mark, saying she wished we had rooms like this to hold room parties in at conventions. (Nothing beats that loft suite we had at the San Mateo Marriott for Westercon last year, however.)

Yesterday's brilliant sun has given way to more Oregon-like overcast. In a few minutes, we'll finish packing and start making the final leg of this extended trip to Mehama.
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