Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

FirCon, Day 2

As I recounted here, the January snowstorms dropped a bunch of branches onto the path across my father-in-law's property. Yesterday and today, Lisa and I went out in the late afternoon and tackled clearing away the fallen tree branches so we could cross the property on the path again. If you're interested in how it went (with pictures), click through the cut:

Lisa's father's chainsaw wasn't working, so Lisa got a bow saw, I hauled out the ladder, and she set to work sawing branches into manageable pieces. But first we had to have a way to haul the debris away. Lisa went to the garage and tried to start the massive John Deere lawn mower, which has a trailer-hitch attachment so we can use it with the medium utility trailer. Unfortunately, the mower had been last left with only a little bit of gas in the tank, which meant there was water buildup, and it took a hour of fussing with it before we got it going. Then she drove it over to the fuel tank to gas it up, then returned to attach the utility trailer.

Here's Lisa pushing the utility trailer. Yes, I said pushing. The trailer hitch is actually on the front of the mower, so it's easier to push than to pull. Yeah, that's my shadow looming over things as I took the picture.

This is the trailer just as we were getting ready to drag the first load of cut branches over to the "coal seam" (my name for the former irrigation ditch where we we dump agricultural debris. We ended up hauling four trailer-loads of stuff before it got too dark to work. We just barely got the trailer, mower, and other tools put away before we lost the light.

Now the path was open, but our work was not done. We needed to get the rest of the debris cleared away and the branches trimmed for later conversion to firewood. On Friday, we took the smaller utility cart over, Lisa sawed branches, and I raked and hauled cartloads of branches.

Here's Lisa hauling the little cart, with rake, bow saw, and backpack with the camera on board. Her foot is much better than after she initially injured it, but she still has a noticeable limp. It was much easier for her to stand still and saw than to move around raking. She called upon my help to wrangle logs too big for her to move.

I ended up pulling four utility cart-loads of branches over to the Coal Seam. That would have probably been about one load in the large trailer, but it didn't seem worthwhile to drag the mower and heavy equipment out again. After trimming branches, I dragged the logs off to the sides into two piles, where they will be later reduced to firewood-sized pieces once Lisa's father's chainsaw is working again. Cutting them down with a bow saw is too much work unless one is only doing it for the exercise.

Here's the tree that caused most of the trouble, now without a number of its branches.

And once again we have an unimpeded walk between the two halves of the property.

With the logs set aside for later conversion to firewood, Lisa said we were done with lumberjack work, but not with other tasks. But that's another story.
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