Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Work We Must

The weather was excellent again today in Oregon, so we got a few more "outdoor" jobs done. We replaced the burnt-out headlight in the little orange pickup. (Actually, Lisa changed out both bulbs, saving the one that was still working as a spare.) Then we dragged out the Shop-Vac to go after trying to clean the inside of the Big Orange Van. The carpet in the van was soaked in many places, but not apparently due to rain leakage. It's just that the air is so moist up here and the van not that air-tight. Moist air gets into the van, then condenses out overnight. We noticed last night a bunch of water condensed on the inside of the van's windows. Anyway, Lisa opened up the van and pulled out as many things as she could, while I vacuumed the damp carpets. The foam mattress in the back appears too moldy to be retained and will have to be replaced. There just hasn't been sufficient warm weather here to air out the vehicle. Also, the place where the van is parked doesn't get much sun at this time of year.

Working around all of that mold didn't do me much good, and I was feeling pretty poorly by 4 PM when we gave up and put stuff away. We really should have got more work done here, but we didn't set an alarm last night and therefore didn't get up until noon. But we're generally trapped in the house on Sunday mornings by the people attending church across the street anyway.
Tags: lisa, mehama

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