Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Getting Back in Training

The weather here has been wonderful these past few days, making it a shame to be cooped up indoors building supply-chain models. By dint of working later in the evening each day, I've been able to get long walks in the sunshine these past afternoons. This not only is good for my physical health -- I gained weight during the Oregon trip, and need to lose it and then some -- but my mental health as well.

While visiting my grandfather's house this past weekend on the way back from Oregon, my mother gave me a few oranges from tree in my grandfather's back yard. Those were the best oranges I've had in my life. After having the first one, I had to remind myself that while fruit is good for me, too much sugar at once is not, and limited myself to one per day. I expect to visit my grandfather again soon, and I will probably take as many oranges as I can carry this time.
Tags: family, weather

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