Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Going Nowhere

There were many places I could have gone this weekend. I've been invited to parties, and Potlatch is going on, and so on. But I've declined all invitations, and I'm staying home all weekend. I've been traveling too much lately and I'm tired. And I have a lot of backed-up work that needs doing. I'm going to do my income taxes (and those of my grandfather, from whom I picked up the necessary papers while passing through Sutter on my way back from Oregon). And I'm going to finish the minutes of the last SFSFC Board of Directors meeting. I actually wrote most of them on a plane flight months ago, but since I wasn't on-line, I didn't finish them off and upload them to SFSFC's web site. However, because I'd finished the difficult part of typing up my notes, actually finishing the job went out of my head until I had to send out the meeting notices for the March SFSFC Board meeting. Oops.

My thanks to all of you who have invited me to your parties/conventions/etc. I hope y'all will understand why this is a stay-at-home weekend for me. One exception: the weather looks decent (albeit windy), so I will get out for a walk around Quarry Lakes after lunch this afternoon, I think.
Tags: conventions, sfsfc, taxes

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