Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

One Task Done

The long-delayed SFSFC minutes are complete, and I've uploaded the July minutes (which were actually approved last November, but I forgot to post them) to the SFSFC web site.

I discovered that my web-site maintenance software, Dreamweaver, doesn't get along with Skype. If Skype is running, Dreamweaver won't connect to SFSFC's web host. I already knew that I couldn't do web updates when VPN was running on account of my company firewall won't let it through, but this was a new incompatibility to me.

And I found time to take around Quarry Lakes after lunch. (Lunch being around 4 PM on account of not having got up until nearly 11.)

Now to finish doing my taxes. Unfortunately, I have to wait until Lisa and I are in the same place again to finalize them, or else pay the stupid fees for e-filing. In past years, Intuit had a rebate for the first return e-filed, but I don't see it this year. I don't see why I should pay a fee to e-file when the IRS surely would prefer everyone e-file to save them having to deal with the data entry. It's just like online banking used to have hefty service charges, even though setting it up meant big savings for the banks. I assume that someday the fees will come down or go away entirely.
Tags: sfsfc, taxes

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