Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Needs to Cook a Little Longer

Examining my torn-up arm during its daily freedom from bandages when I showered, it looked to have healed sufficiently that I thought I might leave it unbandaged for a while and see how much it's toughened up. After about an hour at work, I decided it's still not healed quite enough (it's been eleven days), and re-applied ointment and bandages for at least another day or two. It is looking much better, though. If the scrape wasn't on the bottom of my arm, which I rest on things a lot, I might have been able to leave it uncovered, but as it is, I need to protect it from the weight of my own arm pressing on it when I put my arm on the arm of my chair or on my desk.
Tags: health, mehama

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