Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Tales of CPAP

The straps that hold my CPAP mask onto my head have been wearing out for some months now. Fortunately, the most expensive parts of the mask assembly aren't worn; even so, replacement straps cost more than $40 including shipping. But I did need it, as the Velcro had worn out and I had been holding the straps together with safety pins. My mask was tending to come loose and with pins instead of Velcro, it was more difficult to adjust, particularly late at night when the sound of leaking air on my mask woke me up. Anyway, the new straps arrived yesterday. I may be imagining it, but I woke up this morning feeling as if I'd slept more soundly than usual, and that's a good thing.
Tags: cpap

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