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Multitasking, Continued

In a few minutes, I will be taking Cheryl to SFO (she's off to Florida for ICFA). After that, I will go into the office and probably end up working very late tonight to try and get things done today that I would be able to do tomorrow for a meeting on Thursday, except that I'm flying to Seattle on Thursday for Norwescon, so my entire work week is compressed. (I wouldn't be surprised if I ended up putting in the same number of hours, just over three days instead of five, and I still have to use two days of time off.)

SFSFC met in the meeting room of the Centerville Train Station here in Fremont over the weekend, which is convenient for me because I can walk over there easily. It was raining on Saturday morning, so I took my umbrella. By the time the meeting ended, the weather had cleared, and I subsequently forgot to take my umbrella with me. But that's okay; I had to go over there this morning to pick up the train tickets I bought yesterday. The new ticketing machine there tends to work most of the time, unlike its predecessor that rarely did so. After collecting my ticket, I went to the Depot Cafe (which manages the meeting room) and explained things. The woman there kindly let me into the room, and Cheryl spotted my umbrella standing in the corner.

So we got some tasks accomplished and got a little bit of walking done, which is good for both of us, me because of my blood sugar and Cheryl because she's about to be crammed into a metal box for a few hours.
Tags: norwescon, sfsfc, trains, travel

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