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How Did That Happen?

The SMOFCon Mixer -- a game called "You Lost Your Hotel; what new site do you pick from six non-optimal sites (all you have available); and how do you present it to the members" -- went quite well, didn't drag along, ended on time, and I think succeeded in getting people talking with each other. I and many others were particularly taken with the faux hotel information flyers for the thinly-disguised hotels, like the Insmouth Hotel and Saturn's Rings.

After the Mixer, we took one of the round tables on one corner of the room and set up for Dealers Choice poker. I was the "bank" so I had to be careful with the chip count. At the end of the night, everyone was satisfied with the amount of cash they got out, and as far as I could figure, I'd put in $15 and taken out about $3-$4. Imagine my surprise when I rebalanced my Quicken cash account and found that I was about $18 under -- that is, I had $18 more in my pocket than my accounts said I should have. I have no idea how that happened, because I was not playing particularly good poker tonight, nor was the luck of the cards with me.

The Hold-Em Tournament is Saturday night. Fifteen people have signed up so far, and I promised no more than 20 seats, so I'm happy. We had one person drop out when he realized he'd have to put in $5 real money buy-in -- he thought it would just be play money, but playing poker for non-real stakes seems a waste of my time -- but we filled his slot right away.

The hotel room here, while cold, has some nice things, such as having a refrigerator. Unfortunately, on this trip we didn't buy any groceries like breakfast stuff, so we'll have to go out for breakfast. I need to get some sleep, as the convention keynote speaker, Tyra Hillard, will be talking at 11 AM Saturday. Unfortunately, one of the program items I wanted to attend and participate in, the 3 PM panel on "Events Management for the Non-Techie Manager," is at the same time as the small-group discussion I'm supposed to give about "Bylaws and how they can help prevent problems in your group." *shrug*

Fortunately, I am (finally) starting to wind down. It's so much more fun to attend SMOFCon when I'm not working on any conventions.

Update, December 4, 10:50 PM: The mystery has been resolved: see here for details of what I'd forgotten to count.
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