Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Return to Sea-Tac

Here I am at the Doubletree Sea-Tac for Norwescon. Aside from the hassle of having five separate items with me (briefcase, computer backpack, CPAP, rolling luggage, poster tube), the trip was uneventful and routine. The train was on time from Fremont/Centerville. The bus transfer to the airport wasn't a problem. The flight was a little late leaving due to a defective APU, but the flight wasn't full, so I had the seat open next to me. dinogrl was on the same flight as me, a few rows forward, and we met at baggage claim. My big piece of luggage was one of the last off the belt, but the poster tube was nowhere to be found. I was concerned that it might have been misrouted (it's a Priority Mail mailing tube because I was thinking I might have to mail it back). If I hadn't heard the announcement of "oversized items at the door near carousel 14," I might be still waiting; sure enough, my tube had gone there.

I checked in with not too bad a wait -- after realizing that there was indeed a separate, shorter queue for Hilton HHonors members. They initially had me in a double-queen room on the "staff wing," which has certain advantages, but I asked for a single-king, and they moved me to a different wing. They did warn me that they were shifting me to a new wing, and I agreed to it. I hope I haven't destroyed the Hotel Liaison's finely-crafted plans.

Now to go get registered, distribute the Anticipation flyers, and start posting signs for Match Game SF.
Tags: norwescon, travel

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