Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Given How Poorly the Giants are Playing, Maybe It's Just As Well

As some of you may recall, I bought a share of a Giants season ticket plan. The way it worked was that you ranked your game choices from 1 to 81, and then the ticket coordinator operated a "draft choice" system, where you got your highest-ranked choice remaining when your turn came up. I was #14 in the draft, which operated in a "serpentine" style (1 to N, then N to 1, with N being the number of total shares in the ticket.)

My tickets arrived today. Unfortunately, it looks like most of the games I wanted to see (or which Cheryl, who bought half of the plan because it's for two tickets, would be here to see), were other people's choices as well. When I was ranking my choices, I could see that at least half of the games on the schedule were hopeless because I'd be out of town or unavailable, and a number of my tickets fall into this category. We actually got so far down the list as to get into the weekday day games, for which I'd have to take a day off from work to use.

Once we've worked out what we can actually use in some way, I will offer the remainder to anyone willing to pay the $33/ticket I paid for them. They are decent seats: Lower Box 135, Row 13, Seats 9/10, down the left field line.
Tags: baseball

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