Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Records I'd Prefer Not to Break

I've been working pretty hard on my real job lately, including putting in quite a few hours over the weekend. This morning, a second project (the one that took me out to New Jersey a while back) came back to plague me, and I had to hurry up and work on it while my current project got more and more delayed. I finally got lunch about 3 PM. Normally I try to go out for a walk after lunch, but instead a plunged back into to getting reports done. An hour later, I took a diabetes blood test: 257!

Yikes! I think that's the highest reading I've ever had. Thinking that I might have messed up the reading, I took another one: 212. Not as bad, but still not good.

Okay, enough work. Cheryl and I went for a walk. Not the full 6 km loop around Quarry Lakes (which probably would have been good for both of us), but around 3.5 km down to the post office and back by way of the train station. One hour later: 187, which is still not good but at least is dropping. An hour after that: 138, which finally is back into the "normal" zone.

I'll have to think carefully about what to have for dinner at BASFA tonight. And dessert is right out. Phooey. That strawberry cheesecake they're service is pretty good. But I reckon that if I want to eat it in the future, I need to have had the long 6 km walk the same day, or otherwise keep my blood sugar down.
Tags: diabetes

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