Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Family Time

We had a little change of plans this morning after my last post that makes the icon on this message even more appropriate. My mother called just as we were getting ready to leave Fremont to tell me that she was so tired that she could not make the trip down from the hills to meet me at my grandfather's house, and would I mind coming up to her place in Dobbins instead? That was fine with us, so she let my grandfather know that we'd go see him on Sunday on the way back, and we set a course for the Yuba County foothills northeast of Marysville.

Turns out that my sister, Kelli, and her son, Shane, were also up there. The icon on this message is my mother, me, Kelli, and Shane, taken by Cheryl a couple of years ago at my mother's house, which was indeed the last time the four of us were all in the same place.

We spent an enjoyable few hours getting caught up, while nibbling on the catfish that Shane was frying up in my mother's kitchen. Mm, catfish good. Cheryl produced a selection of interesting Euro, Pound and Kroner coins, and my mother picked out those that she thinks may make good jewelry for their cut-coin business.

The road into my mother's property has deteriorated somewhat, and at her suggestion we had parked at the head of the road and walked in. It was a lovely day in the foothills, and we were happy to walk the quarter-mile or so in and back. Mom walked us back out to the van around 5 PM and point out the quail that they've been feeding, and said hello to the horses on the neighboring property, who recognized her as someone who gives them carrots; however, she had nothing for them today.

Then it was back on the road and down to Yuba City and into the hotel, where we were able to get the computers both hooked up with a minimum of fuss, thanks to the fact that a while back we bought a small five-port hub specifically for use in hotels with single-wired connections like this. It means we can both use the internet without interfering with each other.
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