Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Injury and Insult

gigica joined us for dinner last night -- always a good excuse for a dinner at A Taste of India. We had a good and enjoyable meal (although I wish I'd known that they put green bell peppers in what I ordered; I would have ordered something else). As we were getting back into Gigi's car, there was a loud clunk as the roof of Gigi's car viciously assaulted Cheryl's forehead. Ouch! After ascertaining that a trip to the emergency room was not called for, we headed back to the hotel and helped Cheryl gingerly make her way back to the hotel room, where she laid down for a while as we made our farewells to Gigi.

Next door to this hotel is what is reported to be a good Mexican restaurant. They were holding a party there. A loud party. To add to the injury of having her head assaulted by Gigi's car, she had the insult of having her ears assaulted by the World's Worst Mariachi Band.

Around 10 PM, Cheryl was feeling steady enough for us to consider going out for a short soak in the hot tub. The hotel very considerately booked us into a room immediately adjacent to the pool/spa area. This is part of my profile, and possibly because of my Priority Club Gold status, I get this more often than mere chance would indicate. In fact, I think I've stayed in this exact same room at least once before. Anyway, we donned our swimsuits and stepped outside, only to discover that when they say "Pool closes 10 PM," they really mean it, as the gates were locked. Darn it!

We returned to our room, and I brewed a pot of coffee. I popped down to the front desk to get some cream and Splenda (no sense using up my own supply when the hotel has some in their breakfast room). The band was still blaring away. Earlier, I'd actually gone out of the room and around to the opposite side of the building in order to use my phone, as it was quieter there than in my room. The night manager was looking gloomily across the way at the neighboring restaurant.

"Do they have parties like that all the time?" I asked.

The manager replied, "Sometimes, but usually they finish up by 10. I'm going to give them fifteen more minutes before I go complain."

Fortunately for all concerned, while I was puttering around collecting cream and sweetener, the assault on our eardrums finally came to an end. The night manager looked relieved.

Now, I happen to like this hotel. I've spent many nights here over the years. But its beds are harder than what I'm used to, and I woke up with a stiff back. Cheryl said the same thing. After we hobbled down to the breakfast bar, we concluded that a trip to the hot tub -- now open -- was called for. Ten minutes soak there did wonders for loosening up the back.

After I get showered and packed, we're off to see my grandfather and head back to the Bay Area after our whirlwind visit to the Yuba-Sutter Hub Area.
Tags: cheryl, family

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