Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Nobody Expects...

I'm sitting here in the main function room waiting for the Fannish Inquistion to start. This SMOFCon tradition has bids for conventions (including Westercons when the SMOFCon is in the Westercon area) and seated cons submitting themselves to grilling by the SMOFS. Tonight, the plan is to do Westercon bids/cons first, then at 8:45 move on to SMOFCon bids (and I guess the formal selection of next year's SMOFCon), followed by Worldcons.

While this is an important function and something of a rite of passage for bids and con committees, there have been times when the event has gone on unmercifully long. I hope that tonight's event will be an exception, and we might be able to get done by 10 PM or so, after which we can start playing poker.
Tags: smofcon

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