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Today is Cheryl's birthday, and as we both share a love of good food, I took her out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, CreoLa in San Carlos. It's not a place we can afford to go very often, but we've never had a bad experience there. Just about everything on their menu is attractive to one or both of us. After tonight, I think I've finally reached the point where I won't feel guilty about ordering something I've had before, as I've now worked my way through most of the things I find really attractive on their menu.

This restaurant is not that large -- maybe 50 seats or so -- and has a very cozy atmosphere. The owner/chef brought our meals out to us, and he even recognized us from the last time we were there about a year ago. That surprised me.

If you're the kind of person who plonks themselves down and says, "I want lots of cheap food, and I want it right now!" then stay away from here. The portions are not oversized, and a four-course dinner will cost about $50, but the quality is excellent.

The place was packed on this Friday evening; they called us earlier today to ask if we could come a little later than our reservation. If you're going (and I recommend it if you're in the area), reservations are recommended.

This is the restaurant I recommended to jbriggs and co. at Westercon. It's a little bit of a drive from San Mateo, but I recall them saying they thought it was worth the trip. I certainly thought so. This is a place I like so much that I wish I had to money to invite lots of friends and book the place out for an evening. That's one of those "If I win the lottery" dreams.

On the BASFA review scale, I give this place "worth full price plus the drive from Fremont and the bridge toll to boot." From the hush puppies with crawfish starter, through soup/salad, main courses (I had the Shrimp Clemenceau) and ending with chicory coffee and beignets, this was an experience I only wish I could afford (both the price and the effect on my blood sugar) more often.
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