Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Westercon Bids

2008 Westercon bids:

Las Vegas, James Daugherty leading: He asked the committee present (a distinguished group of conrunners) to stand, and said, "Can you ever expect these people to agree on anything?" But they agree on Las Vegas in 2008.

"Can you get there from here?" Sure, there are lots of roads and plenty of flights there.

"Is there anything to do other than the convention?" Much laughter, followed by a call of, "Crime Scene Investigation!" James read off the vast number of non-obvious things, such as, for instance, the Nevada Test Site Museum, or the Liberace Museum.

"Is there any reason to ever have to go outside?" James said, "Las Vegans understand air conditioning. It is possible to go from the airport to the hotel without ever having to leave air conditioned comfort."

"Which hotel are you using?" James replied, "There are at least 14 different properties in Las Vegas that could host a Westercon." They haven't picked a site yet; they're still evaluating which is best for the bid overall. (See the hotel-picking exercise last night.)

"Are there fireworks diplays?" James says, "Las Vegas goes crazy for fireworks on New Year's Eve and Fourth of July."

Ben Yalow started, "Minor technical question..." James interrupted, "Gosh, look at the time!" But seriously, if any bids from the North or Centeral Westercon rotation zones files by the end of December, they block off the South Zone for 2008, in which case LV would move their bid to 2009. There are no contemplated 2008 bids from the North or Central zones. (This year is part of a transition between the old and new rotations.)

James declined to discuss hotel room prices at this time due to ongoing negotiation.

Phoenix, Mike Wilmoth reporting, but I missed the first part of his report due to my answering side questions about Westercon rotation and the poker tournament.

Mike gave a fairly detailed report about the hotel -- Tempe Mission Palms -- including how the rate includes free hotel shuttle, how the space is laid out; there is plenty of space, and (unlike the Wigwam Resort, host of the last Phoenix-area Westercon), lots of restaurants nearby.

The temperatures will be the same indoors and outdoors as Las Vegas.

There were a lot of questions I was unable to catch because I'm working on tournament setup.
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