Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Lots of Photos, No Time

It's been a fun evening here at the CC26 social, with its Victorian Underwear theme. I mainly hung around the photo backdrop and took lots of photos. I haven't had time to properly process them (and in particular to rotate the majority of the photos that I took in portrait direction) because I appear to have dropped the ball and left a small number of mailed-in CC29 site selection ballots at home, so now I have to drive back to Fremont and get them. Better to do it late at night like this when traffic is light and I'm more likely to get a parking space when I return.

Anyway, here are the mostly unprocessed photos from Friday including a bunch of photos from the fan-dance revue's big finale. Oh, and there's a photo or two of me mixed in as well.
Tags: costumecon

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