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Historical Masquerade

I've added a bunch more photos, including those from the Historical Masquerade, to my Sunday at Costume-Con 26 page. Note that not all of those tagged "Historical Masquerade" were actually in the event, but were instead photographed in the scrum outside the hall during the half-time.

There are also new Sunday afternoon photos, including some from the Fursuit Parade.

I had to be at the Historical Masquerade, which I'd considered skipping, because I'd been asked to make the formal announcement of Site Selection results during halftime. I'm glad I came. There were 28 entries, and they were all good to excellent. I really enjoyed the presentation and admired the fantastic workmanship.

As the first run-through ended, I made my way over to the edge, and when it was clear to me that my spot in the announcements queue would be up soon, I went backstage, where David W. Clark was waiting to make his announcement from the Dealers Room about the Most Evil Merchandise Award. I was to follow him, and mine was the final announcement before the half-time band entertainment.

When my name was called, I marched out, blinding the audience with the reflection from my all-white WSFS uniform. "I'm Kevin Standlee, and I'm the Stage Anti-Ninja," I said. It got a good laugh, as I hoped it would from a costuming crowd. I then made the official announcement, concluding with, "The winning bid will be selling memberships from the former Site Selection table tomorrow morning. Since only 30 of you actually voted, I'll explain that Site Selection was the two tables across from the entrance to the Dealers' Room." That also got a chuckle, and with that, I left, my next-to-last duty as Site Selection administrator done. (The final duty will be returning the cash box to Treasury Monday morning before I head home.)

I went out in the lobby and milled around with about 600 of the over 800 CC26 members, it seemed, all of them either being photographed, or, like me, taking photographs. Anytime anyone agreed to pose, a gang of camera-toting people descended on them. The photos I posted are what I managed to get. There were many fine costumes I was unable to photograph.

After the results of the Historical Masquerade were announced, I stuck around and took some more photos, and started chatting with ala_mokita. He said, "This has been so much fun!" And I agreed soundly. In fact, I've had a wonderful time this weekend, and have been very happy to be one of the four former Worldcon chairs working on the con. (The others are ala_mokita (L.A.con IV), David W. Clark (ConFrancisco), and Tom Whitmore (ConJose, co-chaired with me).) Indeed, we've been part of an all-star crew of conrunners from all over -- mostly, but not entirely, from the West Coast -- that kproche recruited to help make this convention work. I think we did a good job, and I don't just mean us Old Pharts -- everyone working on this convention has been putting forth their best effort, and I think it shows. Heck, I feel slightly guilty, as I've been doing one of the lowest-impact jobs I could, running a site selection with minimal interest. That's one reason I volunteered to go help tape down glow-cable last night after the SF&F Masquerade -- I felt I was actually accomplishing something useful instead of just sitting behind a table composing LJ entries and occasionally collecting a site selection ballot.

I decided to have a late dinner, although it wasn't as urgent as last night, for I did get a late lunch as well today. What these carb-heavy and mis-timed meals are doing to my blood sugar, I shudder to think. Back on the diet tomorrow, I say.

Finally, I got the photos updated and this journal entry written. I'm going to make a brief pass through the party floor, and then get to bed. Tomorrow is a work day, and while I'm not heading home until after the morning rush hours, I can't sleep in, either.
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