Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Probably More at Meeting CC26

I took Cheryl to SFO this afternoon and saw her safely through Terrorization before heading south toward the BASFA meeting. She called me as I was passing through Mountain View to say they were getting ready to button things up and that all was under control. We have a very light turnout for BASFA tonight -- not surprising because so many people are still down at Costume-Con for the Reanimated Canine Party and the Mouse-kerade. I contemplated going down there after the official BASFA meeting, but I absentmindedly surrendered my parking pass when I left this morning. Parking is $3/hour, but was $7/day to hotel guests, and my pass was good through today. Not wanting to spend any more money on parking, I headed home instead. Besides, I'm very tired and really need to get some sleep.
Tags: basfa, costumecon

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