Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

One Set Down, Two to Go

gil_liant helpfully bought one of the three sets of two Giants tickets I have that I cannot use. Time is growing short on the others, and I would like to try and get some of our money back for them, so I've posted them on StubHub. But I'd prefer to sell them without having to pay StubHub's 15% commission, so if you're interested in buying these tickets ($33 each, which is what I paid for them), let me know and I can do a direct sale to you. But you don't have much time.

Once again, the seats are Lower Box 135, Row 13, Seats 9 and 10. Price is $33 each, or $66 for the pair, and they do not include parking. (I'm open to other offers if you're interested in the games but find the price to be too high.)

The games in question are:

Friday, May 9, vs. Phillies, 7:15 PM

Thursday, May 15, vs. Astros, 12:45 PM

The seat location is down the left field line. LB135 is the last section in lower box before the big open area between lower box and bleachers, where vehicles access the field and where baseballs going over the fence bounce away into oblivion. It looks like LB135 might be a good place to have a home run or just-foul long shot come to you, without the risk of having your head taken off implicit in the closer-in lower box seats.
Tags: baseball

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