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SMOFCon Bids

Scott Dennis presided over the discussion of future SMOFCon bids. A silly mob scene occurred when Scott asked "any future SMOFcon bid" to come up front and about fifteen people trooped up. Even after Scott tried to settle things a bit, there still seem to be at least six or seven bids up there.

Scott asked each bid to rank, in order of importance, these questions:

Room Rates
Opportunities for Tourism & Dining in the Area
Having a Theme/Idea and Designing a Program to Support it
Hospitality/Food and Drink for the Attendees
Ambience and Quality of Hospitality for schmoozing and smoffing.

2006 Bid for Kansas City, fronted by Margene Baum, addressed the audience. She got a laugh when she accidentally said "Kansas City would like to host a Worldcon in 2006..." She rates them: Theme & Program (KC's theme is "Communication"). #2 was, I think, Hospitality Food and Drink. #3 is Room Rates. #4: Hospitality Ambiance (She described the layout of the space). #5 is Tourism and Food (two hotel restaurants and several nearby restaurants, with many more within five miles).

There are no other 2006 sites, so Kansas City is selected by acclimation. Memberships $50 until February, available tomorrow morning.

2007 Bids: Deb Geisler presented an MCFI-backed bid. Rank: 1. Programming (although "Theme" is less important). 2. Hospitality/Ambiance; being comfortable with each other in a comfortable environment. 3. Hospitality/F&B quality, but no Lobster Races. 4. Dining & Tourism; most opportunities for tourism are mostly white, but we'd finally have a chance to throw snowballs at Grant Kruger. 5. Room Rates; we'll try to keep the rates low, which should be good due to it being a low season. Likely property to be a smaller place where we can take over the whole place.

Questions. Tom Whitmore: Are the videotapes from the previous Boston SMOFcon available? Craige Howlett has the tapes. Alex von Thorn: "Are you going to be in Boston or one of the suburban states?" (laughter) Deb: Probably in the suburbs.

No other 2007 bids.

Interrupt: SMOFCon 23 is giving each member a beer mug, and they are now available at the back of the room.

Future years are more vague. 2008 bids:

Glenn Glazer proposed a Long Beach CA in 2008 bid and discussed how to draw people to SMOFCon who normally wouldn't attend but should. List: 1. Theme & Programming. 2. Room Rates (encourages the non-usual attendees to come). 3. Ambience; Networking is important. 4. Tourism & Nearby Food: Long Beach and greater LA has plenty of things to do. 5. Hospitality free food; it's part of the ambience, but there are plenty of places nearby the proposed site to eat.

Tom Veal: Maui in 2011, backed by Tom, along with James Daugherty and Bobbi Armbruster. This is an inital announcement only. Tom Veal said, "I have been instructed by the committee to not answer any questions.

Other groups expressing an "interest in a future year" include:

Texas, but a city is not decided. Galveston would be nice, but it's highly inconvenient to airport. Straw polls/show of hands shows interest in Austin or San Antonio, with less interest in other sites like Fort Worth/Dallas.

Vince Docherty noted that SMOFCon goes outside North America about once a decade, and suggests that somewhere around 2010 we go to Amsterdam, probably a downtown hotel. This is a separate proposal from the London trial-balloon announced last year, of which there is no representative this year.

Jim Mann floated a Pittsburg-area site in 2010 or later. His ranking of the priorities is the same as Deb Geisler's earlier; like her, he finds "Theme" less important, but "Program" very important. The chances of getting tickets to Steelers games are very low.

Following the basic "we're bidding" presentations, the SMOFcon bids were asked to give "dog & pony" shows, but I'm now sufficiently informed about what I need to know about the bids for this subject that I'm going to close this entry without reporting on them unless something really significant happens. Cute presentation by Boston, however, where, after talking about their bids, they handed out a "dog and pony quiz" showing a picture of a dog, a pony, and of a large shaggy thing with a choice of "Dog, Pony, Alien, Dust Mop."

Unfortunately, it's now half past nine and we haven't gotten to the seated Worldcons, let alone the bids yet. Grumble.
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