Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Time Compression

As the van was in the shop Tuesday and Wednesday, I had to accomplish a bunch of things today that I would otherwise have spread out over three days, as I plan to leave for Oregon as soon after Noon Friday as I can, so I can get clear of the Bay Area -- by which I mean Vacaville and the I-505 interchange -- before traffic gets heavy.

I had things all planned out so as to make the most efficient route. Unfortunately, halfway through, I realized that I'd left the package and receipt for the mobile phone sitting on the sofa and I had to go back home and get it. Anyway, here goes:

Stop by WaMu and deposit a check.

America's Tire Company: Rotate Tires. It's been about 10,000 miles since the last rotation, so they were overdue. Go have lunch while they work on tires.

Jiffy Lube: Oil change, also overdue, but by only 1,000 miles.

(Back home to pick up the mobile phone packaging.)

Verizon Wireless store: I have not liked the ergonomics of this mobile phone from the start. The holster they gave me won't go back on my belt without me using two hands, which is irritating considering that I had a holster for the previous phone that was easily operable one-handed. At the same time, there were mildly irritating things about the new phone's user interface. Examine other phones. Discover that (a) They've all adopted the same irritating changes in the user interface and (b) There aren't many of the kind of quick-draw/quick-return holsters for phones I would be willing to buy. I'm not going to pay $300 for a handset just so it has a proper holster.

Eventually decide that I can live with the user interface changes -- I have little choice in the matter -- and they find me a generic holster that I can use roughly the same way as the old phone. Trade them the leather case that they originally sold me. They even manage to get the address book from my previous phone -- the one they couldn't connect when I bought the new one last week -- to transfer. Amazingly, I got out of there without having to spend any additional money.

Minor grocery shopping.

Fill gas tank. Have to run credit card twice because one run only authorizes $75, and it ended up taking $77 to fill the tank. They'll need to reprogram the pumps to authorize $100 soon.

Stop by Walgreen's to pick up minor toiletries that I accidentally left behind at the Doubletree. (Yeah, I might have been able to go back to the hotel and get them, but between gas and parking, it's cheaper to buy new than to drive down there and collect them.)

Go home and discover another small check in the mail; go to WaMu again to deposit it because I don't want anything slowing me down tomorrow.

And that's just the stuff I had to do around town. I still have to do laundry and pack. Oh, and there's real work on my paying job that wants doing tonight, too.

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