Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Train Outbreak

I got away from the apartment about five minutes later than originally planned today, but I'm glad that happened, because otherwise while driving up Niles Canyon I would not have noticed that coming up behind me was a steam train operating on the Niles Canyon Railway. The NCRY normally operates weekends only. I'm not sure what exactly was going on, but the procession was being led by SP 2472 -- or was it 2467?, along with a diesel locomotive I now forget, a nondescript boxcar, a Belt Railway of Chicago caboose, and WP 713 bringing up the rear.

Fortunately for me, this happened just before the NCRY's Brightside Yard, and there was a place I could pull over and park. I walked across the road to the grade crossing, and watched as the short train crossed through the wig-wag-protected crossing and into the yard.

The reason I don't exactly which locomotive was running was because I neglected to bring my camera with me. This is annoying because I remember seeing the camera in its bag and thinking, "I should toss that in the car -- never know when something interesting might pop up." And then I walked off without it. Had I remembered it, I would have been able to include footage of the train in this message. Phooey.

Speaking of walking off without things, I realized this evening that I forgot to pack a mouse for my computer. Normally one lives in the computer bag, but it must have fallen out at home. This is going to be very annoying, because for a lot of the modeling work I do, I have to do a lot of pointer work, and it's much easier with a mouse than with a touchpad. I hope that a mouse is sitting around among the bits of computer stuff hanging around Mehama.
Tags: trains

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