Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

So Much For a Post-Lunch Walk

Just after making my last post, I realized that there were some errands that needed to happen today, so we had to run into Salem before the last mail ran (it was already too late in Mehama, where the mail drops at 4 PM).

Fortunately, everything we had to get done today, we did. Unfortunately, not all of the other errands we were trying to efficiently accomplish on the same trip got done. We got the closing times wrong on a couple of places and ended up wasting more than an hour slogging through Salem's rush-hour traffic only to show up at each of them just as they were closing. Had we known their hours better, we would have skipped the 5:30 closing entirely and gone straight to the 6 PM place, where we would have had 30 minutes, which would have been enough.

For future reference, I need to remember that last call at the main Salem post office is 8:30 PM.
Tags: lisa
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