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Finally, at nearly 10 PM, Vince Docherty has come forward to host the discussion of Worldcons, seated and future. He suggested a maximum of ten minutes for each of the seated Worldcons and confirmed that there were three 2008 bidders, two 2009, and one 2010 group.

2006 (L.A.con IV), led by Christian McGuire and surrounded by a gang of supporters holding large color signs that are still too small to read from the back of the room, presented the usual information. Christian reported that they're tracking memberships a little low based on comparison with historical data. He's really looking forward to the synergies in the convention's "Space Cadets" theme. He discussed generally some of the ideas floated at the "Hypotheticon" workshop held yesterday; however, I don't think it would be appropriate to commit those comments to writing here because it's all hypothetical at this time. Room reservations open January 1, 2006.

2007 (Nippon 2007), led by Hiroke Inoue, spoke about the convention (through translation by the Japanese member of their committee whose name I keep forgetting), but gave the usual presentation with the expected convention. Note that pre-supporter conversion credits expire at the end of 2005, so if you have not upgraded by then, you need to do so now. Hotel rates will be announced at L.A.con IV. Current package rates (per person, double occupancy, including airfare and hotel for five nights) are around USD1300, if I heard properly. We were reassured that language barriers are highly overstated.
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