Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

I'm Not a Genius, But...

There's not a significant time pressure on me today, so I took it easy this morning, taking full advantage of the breakfast bar and bringing it back to my room to watch the IPL cricket. I could do this because, to my surprise, there appears to be sufficient bandwidth to actually pull the streaming video. (Although as soon as I wrote that, it started hiccuping, so it's not foolproof, although by this point in the match, the results seem to be a forgone conclusion.)

After a big breakfast like that, I needed some exercise, so I went for a walk around the neighborhood around the hotel. On the way back, I admired the nice view of Mount Shasta, clearly visible to the south. I figured I'd earned another soak in the hot tub, so I put on my swimsuit and headed to the pool, where unfortunately I found a large vat of Screaming Children Soup instead of a hot tub. I did ten lengths of the swimming pool (slowly) instead, which certainly got my blood flowing. The walking and swimming had the desired impact on my blood sugar, so even though I had one of their cinnamon rolls, I didn't feel guilty.

Now I need to finish packing and hit the road. Google Maps says the 380 miles from here to Fremont should be done in around 6 hours. Given how I drive, I expect it will be more than 9, but that's okay with me.

[The subject line, by the way, is a reference to an advertising campaign for Holiday Inn Express. It ends, "...but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night."]
Tags: travel

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