Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Home At Last

Today's travel took only slightly longer than I expected, including a stop for lunch and to fuel the van and pick up groceries on the way home. I left Klamath Falls at 11:15 AM and arrived home in Fremont at 8:45 PM. If I hadn't stopped for groceries, I would have been home a half-hour earlier, but then I'd just have to go get stuff tomorrow.

The drive was hot and mostly boring. Although much of it was downhill, there were still stretches of up-grade where I had to turn off the air conditioning in the van because the temperature gauge was getting perilously close to the danger zone. And it was sufficiently hot that even when I could run the AC, it had difficulty keeping things cool. Also, I really need to remember that when driving in sunny weather, I should wear sunscreen. I'm mildly baked.

I've unpacked for the three days I'm actually going to be home before heading to Columbus, checked mail, and will shortly have a light supper before falling into bed. I must remember my tolerances for driving while making my plans to drive to and from Denver.

I will post about Lisa's travels separately.
Tags: travel

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