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Utah Dogleg

While I was driving through Benicia, Lisa called and left me a message about her progress today. here's an approximate map of how she got from Ontario OR to Evanston WY. The first thing you'll probably notice is the odd diversion at Salt Lake City.

Lisa explained in her message that she missed the junction on I-15 for east I-84, and ended up going down into Salt Lake City instead. That's okay, she said, because it gave her more of an opportunity to have a look at the new FrontRunner Commuter Rail system. She says they seem to be using a mix of Bombardier "lozenge" cars in push-pull mode along with some old NJ Transit and Amtrak Horizon coaches. She took pictures that she'll share with me when we have a chance.

Anyway, Lisa made the turn onto east I-80 and got as far as Utah route 65 where the freeway was shut down due to a fuel tanker fire caused by a high-speed chase on I-80. Lisa reversed course, returned to I-15, and went back up to I-84 to get around the block.

Lisa reports that she's making the best progress she can with only a 11-gallon port side fuel tank, as the starboard tank continues to work only intermittently. Her gas credit card is programmed to let her fill up only three times a day (an anti-fraud measure we haven't been able to get them to change), which can be important if you are taking a long trip like this one. She did buy that siphon in case she ends up having to siphon fuel from the starboard tank.

She also reports that one of the battery cables seems to be going bad. She bought a new one along the way but got the old one working anyway; however, she feels better having the spare.
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