Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Rails Across Nebraska

Lisa called a couple of times today, and finally managed to call at a time where I could pick up the phone before the call went to voice mail. Today's approximate route was a bit complicated to set in Google Maps because you have to keep setting waypoints to keep the thing from putting you back onto I-80. Lisa says that she took a lot of pictures of trains along the "raceway," didn't stop at the museum near Grand Island (too much money, too little time), and plans to report a certain truck stop to the FCC for selling a bunch of bootleg radio equipment. Hearkening back to an earlier stage in the trip, she told me that she took advantage of nature traveling across Wyoming in the same way we did in Oregon, i.e. filling the ice chest with roadside snow to cool bottles of water.

She's now diverted from I-80 and will be heading into Missouri along US-36, eventually picking up I-70 into Columbus. However, she must stop short of the Ohio border because Ohio apparently only allows 2 3 hour parking in rest areas, and she plans on sleeping in the pickup tomorrow night and doesn't want to be rousted from her sleep. Still, based on today's progress, she's confident that she'll be in Columbus on schedule Thursday afternoon.
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