Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Probably Better That I Didn't Notice

As planned, I caught the early train from Fremont and was on the first AirBART bus of the morning (5 AM), so I was at the airport about 5:15 and dropped my bag about 5:25. They told me my flight would be boarding in a few minutes. Really? While standing in the long queue for Terrorization, I looked more closely at my boarding pass. The flight was scheduled for a 6:00 AM departure, and here it was about 5:35 AM.

What! 6:00 AM? My original reservation said 6:25! The flight had been changed to 25 minutes earlier, and I hadn't noticed it when I checked in yesterday afternoon. Now I started to worry, because this is cutting it too fine. Indeed, had I noticed the earlier flight, I would have felt I had no choice but to drive to the airport in order to be there more than an hour before departure.

My flight was boarding when I got there, but fortunately it takes a long time to board a 757, so I didn't miss my flight, and despite my worries, my luggage also made it to Columbus. My connecting flight from Salt Lake City was later than originally scheduled, so the net result was that I had 90 minutes at SLC, meaning I could have a sit-down breakfast without worrying.

When I arrived at Columbus and claimed my luggage, the driver was waiting for me and for one of the convention's other guests: Rebecca Forstadt. I didn't recognize her name or voice, but mentioned that I was "married to an anime character -- Lisa Hayes" she pointed out under the name Reba West, she was the voice of Lynn Minmei from Robotech. I was somewhat embarrassed that I'd not recognized her, but said that Lisa and her had probably met, years ago at a convention, as Lisa has the uniform of her namesake character.

With luggage and guests secured, our driver took us downtown to the Hyatt Regency, where the GOH Coordinator, Jennifer Bohn, met us and made sure we had no troubles checking in. More in my next entry.
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