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Slow Start

Because MARCON doesn't get going until late on Friday, and my own first commitment isn't until 7 PM this evening, we saw no need to set an alarm or worry about getting up early. Consequently, we didn't even wake up until 11 AM. After having spent five days sleeping in the "comfort" of the back of her pickup truck, Lisa found it difficult to sleep in a big comfy bed and was very restless. I was still probably running a bit on Pacific time notwithstanding a bit of time-shifting yesterday.

We will pull ourselves together soon and get out and explore around for lunch fairly soon, but as I'm paying for the internet on a 24-hour basis, I figured I'd better check my mail now. To my annoyance, I find that T-Mobile's connection here won't support the Cisco VPN software from my work, so I can't connect directly to the company network and get my e-mail. I can get at the mail from the web-mail connection, but it's still irritating. OTOH, now I can't be tempted to try and work on the job-related issue that someone left on my voice-mail yesterday (despite my voice-mail greeting saying "I'm on vacation until after Memorial Day").
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