Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Worldcon Bids 2009

After more than two hours of this, my ability to keep focused starts to wane, so expect the report to get more sketchy.

Kansas City, presented their details. They are bidding the Overland Park site, with a convention center and hotels across the street one way or another. In response to a question, Margene Baum addressed the Overland Park-versus-Downtown-KC argument, and said that she thinks the Overland Park is the better sized site for a Worldcon. There were -- IMO very unfortunate and unnecessary -- questions about the con that hauled up memories of MidAmeriCon. Planned dates are Labor Day.

Montreal's Rene Walling faced the assembled punchy SMOFS. He explained about how they'd been "Bouchered" at Noreascon Four. When they got home, they reviewed the site and said, "Let's go for it." He said, "Most people in Montreal speak English, although a few selected French phrases wouldn't hurt." The date is the first weekend of August because Labor Day is all booked up with festivals; however, he thinks this is a plus, and will make it easier for academics and students (and anyone who is tied to the academic calendar) to participate. Convention Center is "a few blocks away, at most" from Old Town Montreal. Glenn Glazer asked about the border-crossing issue. Rene says that the exhibit hall can be set up to be a "port of entry." I've heard this claim before; whether it can be translated into reality represents an interesting challenge for this bid. Alex von Thorn asked if the cancellation of the local con (ConCept) is negatively affecting the locals. Rene wasn't really sure; he said it would be nice to have it.

General questions: Will you need to budget extra for transport from airports? KC says they'll need to contract for a shuttle service. Montreal says there are various commercial shuttle service. Taxi ride is about CAD25; it's a regulated flat fee.

Montreal was asked why they weren't at Boskone last year. Rene says they were at Arisia, but the person planning to go to Boskone got sick; they plan to be there this year.

Both bids support Pass Along Funds.

Election will be at Nippon 2007. You need to be a member of N2007 to vote on the 2009 site.
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