Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Friday Night

[Back-dated because I didn't pay for another day of T-Mobile connectivity until I got up this morning.]

Lisa and I spend some time looking around Friday evening's activities, but didn't find much to our taste. The Con Suite was full of karaoke, from which Lisa pulled me before I was tempted to see if I really can get in the right key for certain Billy Joel songs. We then decided to go up to what we were told was the party floor (5th). After waiting a while for elevators and letting one go by that was already full, we decided to walk. One nice thing about this hotel is that you can actually get from the ground floor to the upper floors by stairs. That is, the stairs down to the ground floor are not "emergency only - alarm will sound" type. OTOH, we discovered that due to some mysterious internal configuration issue, there are twelve flights of stairs between the third and fourth floors, rather than the two flights found between most other floors. So the fifth floor is more like the tenth or eleventh. Still, we needed the exercise.

Once we reached the fifth floor, we found only one party. Other fans present said that things are normally slow on Friday night and that we should expect more on Saturday.

Having run out of things to do and -- I hope -- done my best to make myself available, we decided to go for a walk outside the hotel. Specifically, we planned to walk to a convenience store we'd spotted during one of our other walks. Heading up High Street, we crossed paths again with Rebecca Forstadt and her boyfriend, who had walked down to a tapas bar located in the Short North area. I was worrying that they'd think we were stalking them or something like that, but it's sheer coincidence.

Incidentally, SMOFCon will be here in this same city in December (assuming they get themselves together -- there's no sign of any organization that I know of yet, and I've not spoken to its organizers this weekend yet). I assume that the Drury Inn in which they're located (and for which I have a reservation) is the one that adjoins the Convention Center. If this is the case, then we'll be well set for dinner expeditions during the convention, as this is an area well-situated for food.

Anyway, after buying a few things from the mini-market, we headed back to the hotel and, as it was after midnight, turned in for the night.
Tags: lisa, marcon, smofcon

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