Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

How Civilized

One of the restaurants in the food court does Breakfast All Day, which suits me just fine, thank you. As my panels don't start until 1 PM, I was in no hurry to get moving. I keep reminding myself that I'm the con's guest, I'm not working in the conventional sense (other than approaching my job as FGoH seriously), I'm not running a fan table, etc., so there's no reason to kill myself on my hours. Lisa and I went downstairs to Chicken & Eggs and had breakfast.

Along the way, we ran across Kim Williams, MARCON's hotel liaison and former chair of the Columbus Worldcon bid. We chatted for a few minutes, and we told her how we'd scoped out the convention facilities (including the convention center proper next door). As someone who has run the Events division of a Worldcon, I was particularly impressed by the facilities mix in the Hyatt, where they have a hall suitable for hosting the Hugos/Masquerade (somewhat like the arena in which ConJose's major events were held, but without the fixed stage) and also the 1000-seat ballroom in which Programming can put those huge program items without using the Events space. (It's common to assume that the Big Hall is always available during the day because "there's nothing going on in there" when in fact for a Worldcon, you're using that space all day long for rehearsal and setup.)

Anyway, after a simple breakfast, we ran back up to the room, where in a few minutes we will head back downstairs for the first of my two program items, "MySpace and the Evolution of the Virtual Community." I won't be able to address MySpace (I have an account there but don't use it), but can talk about LiveJournal fan space, I think. After that, there's a slot for "Doctor Who Fan Vids," which I learned when I got here was intended for me to show one of my two videos, but because I misunderstood the directions, I thought I was sharing with other people and therefore only brought the 15-minute "Making of" documentary. It would have been a near thing to show all of The Zombie Legions anyway in the 75-minute program slot.

And I'm also making use of having activated the T-Mobile account for today by downloading the Super 14 rugby semi-finals. I'll activate the downloads while connected, and then I can watch one of them on the plane ride home, assuming I can unfold the computer sufficiently to see the screen.
Tags: lisa, marcon
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