Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

No One True Fannish Way

My first panel this afternoon was about Virtual Communities (MySpace, LiveJournal, etc.). I'm not sure whether we shed any further light on the subject, but we enjoyed talking about it. I pointed out that a lot of the behaviors about which they were complaining aren't much different than what used to happen when fanac was by postcard and fanzine, but it just moves much faster, with drama that once took months happening in minutes.

Then it was on to my panel on "Doctor Who Fan Vids." Due to unfortunate miscommunication, I didn't realize that the entire 75-minute block was mine, so I only brought the "Making of" films, as I mentioned earlier. We might have been able to show the entire The Zombie Legions if we'd started it within a minute or two of the start and ran slightly overtime into the 15-minute changeover. As it was, the thirty or so people in the audience were very appreciative of what we did show in the "Making Of." If you're one of the people who were there who have first encountered this LJ because you came here on account of me referring to it, thank you! It's always fun to show this film before an appreciative audience. I'm only kicking myself for not bringing the full-length film along "just in case."

A point I made in both these panels was that IMO there is no One True Core Fannish Way and that there are lots of different ways to be fannish, and that all of them are "right." My entire life is a living testament to this attitude.

After the panels, we had a stop in ConOps where I picked up my GOH per diem money. (There was no urgency about this; I have credit cards.) Then we grabbed a snack in the Green Room and came back to the room for a short while to clean up and change into our WSFS uniforms. We'll be heading out to walk around the convention during this "prime time." While Lisa is taking a quick bath, I need to find the business cards I printed with the "Why is he wearing a ship's captain uniform" business cards that point at the long version of the story.
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