Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Minor Culture Clash

I've not attended many conventions in the Midwest, other than some Worldcons, one Wiscon, and one World Fantasy Con (Minneapolis). So I'm not immersed in the regional conventional traditions, and it came as a bit of a surprise to me to see just how alcohol-focussed the parties that we found here at MARCon seemed to be. It's not that we begrudge anyone their drinks. Lisa and I aren't anti-drinking; we just do not enjoy it ourselves. We actually find it a bit off-putting to have photo ID demanded of us at the door of parties.

(If I were serving alcohol, I would do my ID check at the point of service, not at the door. But if you make the basic assumption that "the only people I want in my party are drinkers," it makes more sense to do the ID check at the door. That does screen Lisa and me out, though.)

Anyway, we did go up to the 11th floor, where we encountered the closing half-hour or so of the Millennicon party, which was more our speed, with relative peace and quiet and interesting conversation. But they were running a nominal 7 PM to 9 PM and we were there after their official closing time, so we weren't able to stay long.

If there were parties promoting other conventions or bids, we couldn't find them. We looked on the party boards on 5 and 6 and downstairs, but didn't see anything.

The Dr Who Columbus party had an interesting way of handling their door-prize drawing. Instead of tickets, when you entered, they gave you a mailing-label sized sticker with their name, logo, and your door prize number on it. We didn't stick around for the the drawing because the party was too crowded for us, but I thought it was a clever idea and may use it if I ever again run a party with door prizes.

Surprised that there weren't as many people around on the party floors as we had been given to believe was usual around here, we headed back downstairs, which is where we found plenty of people in the post-Masquerade socializing, Con Suite, hotel bar, etc. The Con Suite is located in a large ground floor function room and therefore doesn't require queuing for the four elevators, and I can see that this would be attractive.

We had a number of nice fun conversations with various con members about different subjects. We wandered the halls and admired other people's costumes. (We'd long since changed into more comfortable clothes, I'm afraid. Lisa says I should wear my WSFS uniform to sign autographs tomorrow.)

A couple of the places in the food court were still open, even after 11 PM. Lisa got a gyro, but it unfortunately was so drowned in mayonnaise that when she attempted to get rid of the may, it spilled all over the floor. I probably shouldn't have bought a mushroom swiss hamburger, but I liked the one I'd had several hours earlier so much that I got another one.

As we headed up the elevators, we crossed paths with Rebecca Forstadt and her boyfriend yet again. Turns out that if we had walked up to the same convenience store as we did last night -- Lisa says she's too tired to do that -- we probably would have met them at about the same place as the last two times.

I'm afraid we're back in the room before midnight, though. As I mentioned earlier, travel fatigue has been catching up to Lisa, and there just didn't seem to be a whole lot of things in which I was interested tonight. As I grow older, my ability to pick up conversations in loud rooms declines, so I'm not so fond of parties full of loud music as I might once have been. Guess I'm just getting to be an old Phart. Oh, wait a minute, I am one, aren't I? It says so on that Get Out of Worldcon Free Card.
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