Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Moving Out (Part Two)

After taking the first load of stuff down to Lisa's pickup truck, I mentioned that I was feeling a little hungry, and Lisa decided that maybe we'd better get lunch before she left. It was after 4 PM, and the North Market closes at 5 on Sunday, so we hot-footed it down there and got lunch. We had more bread than we could eat, and we needed a walk after lunch (me for my diabetes, Lisa because she's about to be sitting for most of the next week), so we walked down to the riverfront and fed our surplus bread to the geese. I wish I'd brought the camera, because there is interesting stuff I would have photographed liked the steam turbines outside the AEP Building. (Oho, a little Googling finds it.) Finally, we got back to the hotel and packed out the second and final load to the pickup. Lisa was not looking forward to leaving, because the long-range weather forecast says she'll be in light-to-heavy rain nearly all the way back to Oregon, however, it was time to go and after I paid for the parking, off she drove. I went back to the hotel and went up the to room to polish off backed-up e-mail and think of what to do next.

After a while, I heard a key in the lock. It was Lisa, who had forgotten to give me her key. Just after leaving, she realized that there was a small problem with the pickup, and she found a parking space diagonally opposite the hotel, pulled over, and started working on it. She waved at me walking by half a block away, but I was lost in my own thoughts and didn't see her. After spending 45 minutes or so fixing a loose connection, she came back up to the room to clean up and give me the room key. I walked back down with her, we checked the map, and determined that she could just drive straight ahead, turn left, and get onto the freeway that would take her back to I-70 westbound eventually. I watched her drive onto the freeway and made sure she was actually gone before going across the street and back inside.

At this point, I went into the Drury Inn, which is where SMOFCon will be, just to see how it's connected to the Food Court. It's not the most convenient connection I've ever seen, but it probably won't matter that much during SMOFCon.
Tags: lisa, marcon

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