Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Stick a Fork in Me

I spent much of this evening in the Dead Dog Party. I had a good time, and continued to be impressed by the huge spread of food they had here in the MARCon Con Suite. Their Con Suite space -- a former hotel restaurant area -- is a really good space, other than having a section that isn't wheelchair-accessible. (They've arranged the room so that isn't really a problem, I think.) Being on the ground floor means that people don't have to brave the elevators to get there, and it's got lots of room; however, I found it very warm and stuffy. I just figured that was me (I'm normally overheated most of the time anyway), but other people were telling me the same thing.

I spoke with lots of people, although not as many as I might have wanted, especially as some of the folks I might have wanted to talk to more here were working on the con and were looking especially ragged. I expect that after making their appearance at the Dead Dog announcements, many of them headed to their rooms and crashed. I can't blame them.

Thanks to having had perhaps a bit too much Diet Coke with my slice of pizza, I am still a little bit wound up, but I went back to my room where I finally seem to have managed to get the air conditioning to keep the room at the temperature I want. Since I'm not exactly tired just yet, I reckon that I should be useful and do some packing, to make things easier tomorrow morning. Not that I'm in much of a hurry, what with my flight not being until late afternoon. My ride to the airport is supposed to collect me at 2:45 PM.
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