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All In, All Out

We started the Hold-Em tournament with eighteen players (two tables of nine), with each player getting 1000 chips. The first hand, I was dealt A-A. Unfortunately, that early the bets were small and I was unable to coax more money out of people. And I only won a couple other small hands, while I was being blinded out.

I made the final table of eight players, but I was short stack, and when on the first hand, I was dealt 4-4 and decided "It's not likely to get any better," went all in and ended up losing to a better pair, finishing eighth, and out of the money. (The top three cash.)

The timing was okay, though, as I really needed to drop out at that point. Lisa came into the room looking very unhappy. Besides her computer having started malfunctioning, she was feeling sick. She had been feeling progressively ill throughout the day, and it got worse through the evening. She also hurt one of her fingers rather badly, and she doesn't even remember how she bruised it. She explained that if she stayed any longer, she would almost certainly feel worse tomorrow, and since Mehama is only ninety miles away, she decided it would be best if she headed home now, lest she be too sick to drive tomorrow. So I helped her down to the car and bid her goodbye. I hope she'll be okay; however, she has been in this positon before and she mostly knows her limits. Besides, she's driving a van where if she feels she can't drive further, there are several places where she can pull over and rest until she's ready to go the rest of the way.

Follow Up, 3:32 AM: When I finally got back to the room, there was a message on the hotel voice mail letting me know that Lisa did get home safely.
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